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Mike Martin – “2 of 5”
Serpa Records 2006
Digital Nations 2010

2 of 5 small cd art


1. 2 of 5
2. Salute
3. Lavender
4. Living The Good Life
5. Prelude
6. Epiphany
7. The Trouser Trout
8. Infection
9. Peace Be With You

My debut solo album.
Written, recorded and produced by me.

Mike Martin - "Wherever You Are"
Serpa Records 2015

Wherever You Are

Digital Single
Released 12/16/15

Written, Recorded
Mixed & Produced by me.

Mike Martin - Guitars & Bass
Kerry Denton - Drums

Mastered by - SING Mastering

Photography - Bonnie Moret

The Dreaded Marco – “Safe Word ”
The Dreaded Marco, LLC 2014

2 of 5 small cd art


1. A Positive Message (For A Change)
2. Panda Slide
3. Alligator F*ckhouse
4. San Fransico Show & Tell
5. I Run Cloud City
6. Safe Word
7. The Lesser Of Two Evils
8. Bruce's Magic Kite Circus
9. Soul For Sale
10. Oh, Bernice!
11. Hide And Seek

Produed by Mike Froedge & The Dreaded Marco

Mike Froedge - Drums
Charlie Sheets - Guitar & Vox
Scott Williams - Bass & Vox
Mike Martin - Lead Guitar & Vox

The Dreaded Marco -
"Blue Christmas"

The Dreaded Marco, LLC. 2014

Blue Christmas

Produced by Mike Froedge & The Dreaded Marco

Recorded live at Open Sky Studio in Atlanta, GA
Mixed & Mastered by
Mike Froedge.

Mike Martin -
"Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel"

Serpa Records 2012

Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel My first Christmas single.
Produced, arranged, recorded and mixed by me.

Agent Cooper -
"From The Ashes"

Binary / Universal EP - 2012

Agent Cooper EP1


1. Power
2. Tornado Dreams
3. The Stand
4. Mother
5. I Can
6. Misunderstood

EP with me as the guitarist,
co-engineer & co-producer.

Stickman - "Pull"

Stickman - Pull

1. Ego
2. Hero
3. Convenient Son
4. She
5. Pull
6. Stickman
7. You
8. S.A.I.D.
9. Prime Mate

Debut album featuring:
Trent Horne
James Terry
Mike Froedge
Mike Martin

FOZZY - "Chasing The Grail
RIOT! Records 2010

1.Under Blackened Skies
2.Martyr No More
3.Watch Me Shine
4.Broken Soul
5.Let the Madness Begin
6.Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Friday the 13th)
7.God Pounds His Nails
8.Pray for Blood
11.New Day’s Dawn

I appear on the track:
"Wormwood" as producer, arranger, composer & all guitars. Lyrics by Chris Jericho

String arrnagement credit on

The Change - Another Teenage Werewolf Musical
June 10, 2010

The Change artwork

1 .Time for a Change
2. Welcome to Landonville
3. The Corn out of Her Poop
4. Lacrosse
5. The Best Me I Can Be [Preprise, Instrumental]
6. Penis in Vagina
7. I Do It Too
8. Seven Minutes in Heaven
9. Time for a Change (Reprise)
10. Big Wolfman on Campus
11. You'd Be Pissed
12. Twosome
13. Threesome
14. Different Skin
15. This Is Gonna Be Fun
16. Tuna Casserole
17. The Best Me I Can Be
18. The Change

Eric Frampton wrote and produced the music for this premier recording of the original cast production.

I play all of the guitars .

FOZZY - "Remains Alive"
RIOT! Records 2009


1. Nameless Faceless
2. Don’t You Wish You Were Me
3. Daze Of The Weak
4. Wanderlust
5. Crucify Yourself
6. End Of Days
7. Freewheel Burning
8. Eat The Rich
9. Feel The Burn
10. With The Fire
11. To Kill A Stranger
12. Enemy

Recorded live in Brisbane Australia 2005.

I appear on all 12 tracks as lead guitarist.

Stuck Mojo - "The Great Revival"
Napalm Records - 2009

The Great Revival


1. Worshipping a False God
2. 15 Minutes of Fame
3. Friends
4. The Flood
5. Now That You're All Alone
6. There's a Doctor in Town
7. The Fear
8. There's a Miracle Coming
9. Country Road
10. Invincible
11. Superstar Part 1 (The Journey Begins)
12. Superstar Part 2 (The World of Egos and Thieves)

I appear on tracks:
2, 9 & 11

cowriting credit on
"Country Road"

Stuck Mojo - "Southern Born Killers"
Napalm Records 2008

Napalm SBK cover

1. I'm American
2. Southern Born Killers
3. The Sky Is Falling
4. Metal Is Dead
5. For The Cause of Allah
6. Open Season
7. Prelude To Anger
8. That's When I Burn
9. Yoko
10. Home
11. Go*
12. The Fear Is All Around Me*
This Is How We Swing*

I appear on the tracks:
"This is How We Swing"

Song Of The Living Dead
November 26, 2008

Song of the Living Dead artwork

1.Scientist's Song
2.Nothing Could Go Wrong
3.Lord God Hates Them All
4.Socially Retarded
5.I'm Fucking Awesome
6.Party City
7.Why Are You Cornholing Me Jesus?
8.Brain Juice
9.Be Prepared
10.Nothing Could Go Wrong (reprise)
11.I'm Sad He's Gone
12.Gay for Jesus
13.Never Had the Chance
14.I Love You Still
15.Judith's Big Number
16.He Only Loves You for Your Brains
17.Eat Me
18.Find Your Love

Eric Frampton wrote and produced the music for this original cast recording.

I play all "Zombie Guitars" acoustic and electric as well as the "Strum Stick"

Hell Bent Forever: A Tribute to Judas Priest
Deadline Music - 2008

1. "Breaking the Law" (Motörhead)
2. "Metal Gods" (Fozzy)
3. "Electric Eye" (Jani Lane)
4. "Desert Plains" (Great White)
5. "Diamonds & Rust" (Vince Neil)
6. "Heading Out to the Highway" (Angel City Outlaws)
7. "Devil's Child" (Broken Teeth)
8. "Hell Bent for Leather" (Warrant)
9. "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" (FireHouse)
10. "Living After Midnight" (L.A. Guns)
11. "Turbo Lover" (Sin City All)
12. "Exciter" (Tim "Ripper" Owens)
13. "Screaming for Vengeance" (Sepultura)
14. "The Ripper" (Icarus Witch)
I'm playing all the lead guitars on the track "Metal Gods"

The Duke – “My Kung Fu Is Good”
Eagle Rock / Spitfire Records 2005

The Duke My Kung Fu Is Good CD art


1. I Give to You
2. Immune
3. Used to Be
4. Summer
5. Suicide Machine
6. Running
7. Show You the Way
8. Breathe
9. Back to You
10. At This Moment
I Appear on the tracks:
"I Give To You"
"Suicide Machine"
"Back To You"
"At This Moment"

Zero Chance – “Better Days for Broken Hearts”
Independent 2006

zero chance cd art


1. Boxes
2. The Southern Air
3. Burn My Radio
4. Four Letter Words
5. Van Nuys
6. Trampoline
7. Villain
8. My Souvenir
9. Permanent Ties
10. First Born

I perform all guitars with the exception of track 10 and the ebow guitar on track 9.

Ed Wier – “Tribe”
Independent 2000

Ed Wier Tribe CD art


1. Tribe
2. Cancion de Julia
3. Selva Jardin
4. Snakebite
5. Falling, Crawling
6. La Paloma
7. Regressa
8. Sambarigo
9. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
10. Callisto
11. Baja
12. Serenade
I appear on the tracks:
1, 2, 3 & 7

cowriting credit on
"Selva Jardin"

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